Chair Bands Are a Great Way to Get Kids Moving in the Classroom

chair bands

Chair bands are a great way to get kids moving in the classroom. Many children are fidgety, and it’s important to find ways to help them get the physical activity they need without disrupting the learning environment. These bands are easy to install and latex-free! They’re a great solution for teachers who need to accommodate students with ADD/ADHDA, autism or SPD.

They can be used by all students and are quiet. They won’t distract other students and can be put in a low-to-the-ground position so they won’t cause tripping hazards.

The bands have a large surface area that is designed to fit over the legs of school chairs and are latex-free! They’re also molded to stay in place so they don’t move when the chair is moved or stacked.

In addition, the bands have a heavy-duty solid rubber bungee cord. They are easily installed with patented tubes that slide up the front legs. Loops secure the pipes to keep them from sliding off of the chair legs.

These bands are a fun and affordable alternative to traditional seating options that can be used by all students in the classroom. They’re a great choice for classrooms that have students with ADHD, autism, and/or sensory needs because they’re a safe way to encourage movement while in the classroom.

They can be a great option for a variety of classroom activities including math, science, and social studies. They are effective in getting kids to pay attention and increase their focus.

Their bouncy surface is perfect for students with high energy who need an outlet to release their pent-up energy. They’re also an excellent sensory diet tool for those with ADD/ADHDA because they provide quiet sensory input that helps reduce the amount of fidgeting they do in the classroom.

Besides the fact that they’re an easy and inexpensive way to make sure all students can get the movement they need, they also work well for teaching kids how to sit properly in a chair. In fact, one study found that students who were given a pair of band chairs for four weeks spent less time off task than those who weren’t using the bands.

In addition, these bands can be a great tool to use with older students who need an exercise routine that doesn’t involve standing or walking. In fact, a recent study has shown that chair-based resistance band exercise (CRBE) can be an effective way to improve physical functioning and decrease depression among older adults in long-term care facilities.

This type of exercise is a great way to increase strength, muscle power and endurance in seniors who cannot stand or walk unaided. In fact, a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials has found that performing resistance exercises with elastic bands significantly improves physical functioning in seniors.

In addition, they can be a great option for a wide range of classroom activities including math, science, and history. They’re also an excellent sensory diet option for those with ADD/ADHDA, autism, or sensory needs because they provide quiet sensory input that helps reduce fidgeting.